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The cost of peace of mind?

Just £3.60 per day*

The UV Deep Clean System costs just £1875 ex. VAT.

*When used 5 days per week over two years, equates to a cost of £3.60 per day ex. VAT

How UV Cleaning Works

Whatever your space is used for and however many people pass through each day, UVC light deep cleaning can enhance your cleaning processes.


The ultraviolet light rays sanitise all exposed surfaces and frequent touchpoints and the air around them safely and quickly, removing bacteria and viruses.


Many research trials have proved that ultraviolet light kills viruses, including coronaviruses and the SARS derivative. Tests on the SARS virus that causes COVID-19 have concluded that UVC light will kill COVID-19.


The UV Deep Clean System by VIVID, offers everything that you need to ensure sanitised rooms in one package. Our unique offering combines UV cleaning lamps with essential safety features.

Find out how UV Deep Cleaning works for every organisation

UV light cleaning Is appropriate for most buildings. Please find more information below for the types of organisations that most commonly order our product. If yours isn’t mentioned, please call us on 0203 892 4660 and we’ll advise you If It’s suitable.

Summary of UVC light studies on Coronaviruses

This table summarises the results of studies that have been performed on Coronaviruses under ultraviolet light exposure, with the specific species indicated in each case. The D90 value indicates the ultraviolet dose for 90% inactivation.

Although there is a wide range of variation in the D90 values, this is typical of laboratory studies on ultraviolet susceptibility. The medical and scientific communities agree that UVC will deactivate SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19*. (* 1. Departments of Infection Prevention and Medical Physics, The Netherlands 2.Mario Clerici – University of Milano).”

By using this exposure data, and comparing the UV light irradiance measurements from our UV disinfection lamps and systems, we can easily calculate the exposure times required to achieve a particular log reduction based at specified distances from the source.

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    Is ultraviolet light safe?

    Ultraviolet light comes in three categories of wavelength, UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.
    UV light is generated by the sun, and UV-A and UV-B reach the surface of the earth as sunlight. All ultraviolet light can damage human tissue if we are overexposed to it, but light at the UV-C wavelength is more damaging. UV-C is usually prevented from reaching the earth’s surface by the ozone layer in the atmosphere, hence life on earth has not needed to developed a tolerance for it.
    As such, use of UV-C light must be managed very carefully.

    How does ultraviolet light damage viruses?

    Only ultraviolet light at UV-C wavelengths reliably kills bacteria and viruses.
    This has been known since the end of the 19th century, and UV-C has been widely used as a disinfection protocol by medical practitioners and others since the 1960s.
    The ultraviolet radiation warps the structure of viruses’ genetic material and prevents the viral particles from making more copies of themselves.

    Does all UV-C kill viruses and bacteria?

    UV light needs to be at the right wavelengths within the UV-C spectrum (254n/m).
    It also needs to reach surfaces that viruses and/or bacteria are resting on, at the correct power levels and/or for long enough to neutralise them.

    It is therefore important that UVC lamps emit the correct wavelengths, at the correct power levels (and for the correct durations) or they will not be effective.
    UV-A and UV-B do not effectively kill viruses and bacteria.

    What about COVID-19 specifically?

    SARS-CoV-2 is a very new virus, and information and research is still being undertaken to establish its parameters, and specifically with regard to its D90 value.

    Research by the Instituto Nazionale di Astrofisica and Universittà Statale di Milano in collaboration with Instituto Nazionale dei Tumori with IRCCS has provided the first data about the high germicidal power of ultraviolet rays against SARS-CoV-2. They found that it is possible to completely inactivate severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARSCoV2) using short wavelength UV (UVC) irradiation.

    They sampled low, intermediate and high concentrations of virus to examine the effect of UVC Light. Andrea Bianco, who lead the team, concluded that low doses of irradiation (3.7 mJ/ cm2) reduced the intermediate concentration of the virus by a factor greater than 1000 making it completely inhibited. Higher concentrations of the virus were completely inhibited by a stronger dose of light at (16.7mK/cm2).

    Separately, a published study (23rd April 2020) by the Departments of Infection Prevention and Medical Physics in the Netherlands, also concluded that UVC is an effective, safe and scalable method for disinfection against SARS-CoV-2. The study focused on the use of UVC to sanitise PPE equipment after use by medical practitioners and others (so that it could be reused). The paper found that UVC would indeed be effective against the novel coronavirus

    The study also estimated that the D90 value for SARS-CoV-2 is as low as 7 J/m², and added that it’s “conservative uttermost estimate for a D90 for SARS-CoV-2 is taken to be 30 J/m².”.

    Both these studies show that UV light is effective against SARS-CoV-2, just as it has been against all previous coronaviruses.  They also show that SARS-CoV-2 is more susceptible to UV light than most historical coronaviruses (it’s low D90 value), thus ultraviolet light is also a highly effective disinfectant tool in comparison to other sanitisation options.

    New studies are also being constantly undertaken and we will endeavour to update the information here, as appropriate.

    What is a D90 value?

    The D90 value, in respect of germicidal ultraviolet light, refers to the irradiation dose required to kill 90% of the organism.  At that level of deactivation, the virus is deemed to no longer be active in terms of infection or reproductive capability.

    How long does it take the VIVID UV Deep Cleaning System to disinfect a room?

    It depends on the size and shape of the room.  Just like all light, ultraviolet light diminishes in power the further it is from its source.  So, the important dimension to note, is the distance to the farthest surface to be sanitised.


    The further a surface is from the UV Deep Clean lamp, then the longer it will need to sanitise that surface (and ensure SARS_CoV-2 is deactivated to a D90 level).


    More extensive data is available in the UV Deep Clean System instructions.  As a guide though, some foundation dimensions and durations are shown below:


    Distance to the surface                       Cleaning duration

    1 metres                                                  2 minutes

    2 metres                                                 6 minutes

    3 metres                                                 14 minutes

    4 metres                                                 24 minutes

    If UVC light is damaging to humans, how does the Deep Cleaning System operate safely?

    Each UV Deep Cleaning System is supplied with a safety barrier that is placed within the door frame of the room that is
    being cleaned.

    The door barrier must be in place for the Deep Cleaning Lamp to function, and the lamp automatically switches off as soon as the barrier is removed.
    The Deep Cleaning System is remotely switched on, and can only be switched on when the barrier is in place.

    What do I get with the VIVID UVC Deep Cleaning System?

    * 1 x UV Deep Clean lamp
    * 1 x door safety barrier
    * UV Deep Clean management app
    * Free Delivery (within the UK)
    * Simple-to-follow instructional and team-training materials
    * 2-year warranty
    * UV Deep Clean Assurance digital badge to display on your website
    * 1000 x UV Deep Clean Assurance stickers
    * UK-based Web chat support

    What is the recommended operational procedure for housekeeping teams?

    The lamp is wheeled into the guest room and plugged in.
    Two lamps can be used simultaneously to clean both the guest room and bathroom together.

    The easy to fit safety door barrier is put in place.
    The timer is set once the barrier is in place outside the room.

    Staff can safely re-enter the room as soon as the time ends.
    The room can be sealed with our UV Deep Clean Assurance stickers.

    To find out more contact our sales team on:

    t: 0203 892 4660 or e: sales@VividHospitalitySolutions.com