Hilton Garden Inn

Delivering on an ambitious energy saving brief for this global hotel brand with a unique solution which saves money and delivers on sustainability.
Heathrow Airport Terminal 2

The Project

The Hilton Garden Inn at Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 is a busy 4* hotel perfectly catering for all travellers flying to and from all Heathrow Terminals. The hotel offers 369 bedrooms and the magnificent ‘Runway Bar’ with panoramic views of Heathrow Airport, Windsor and London.
Hilton takes a serious stance when it comes to fighting climate change and were the first major hotel company to reduce waste, improve water stewardship and implement sustainability initiatives across their portfolio. Together with Arora, they looked to maximise energy efficiency and appeal to the more conscientious clients.
Their requirement was for a simple way to switch redundant circuits off when guest left their rooms without the need for key cards. Generally, guests switched off lights on leaving the room, but would rarely adjust the air conditioning, accounted for around 90% of in-room energy consumption. Reducing this alone would have a dramatic impact on their energy bills but, they needed a solution that wouldn’t negatively impact the guest experience.
The ALL|OFF solution from VIVID exceeded their expectations as not only did it allow guest room power to be turned down when the guests left, it also welcomed them with a beautiful lighting scene when they opened the door. All this was achieved using a clever combination of door and in-room sensors that ALL|OFF uses to verify the unoccupied state.

Typical Guest Room Energy Consumption and Cost Savings

Guest room energy consumption averaged around 17KWh per room per day. At an assumed cost per hour of £0.13, this equates to £2.21 per day.
By using ALL|OFF to switch off lights and air conditioning in the room whilst guests were out at dinner etc. they saved an average £0.91 per room per day. This represents a substantial 41% saving. At 70% occupancy, that is an annual saving of over £85,000.
Hilton report that the system had paid for itself in less than 6 months and they can be assured that they are reducing unnecessary consumption as a more sustainable and conscientious business.

The Vivid solution

ALL|OFF energy and cost saving room control.

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