Ritz Carlton Residences
Talan Towers

The Ritz-Carlton brand needs no introduction, it is simply a global by-word for luxury.
Astana, Kazakhstan
Project Integrator
Cavileri Partnership
Bespoke panels

The hotel

The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Astana, Kazakhstan, sit above the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at the city’s most exclusive address, Talan Towers, an architecturally stunning building which provides a great lifestyle experience.
Designed for permanent living, the Residences enjoy stunning views, full concierge service and occupants enjoy every service and luxury they could ever need, including the incredible facilities offered by the hotel – fine -dining restaurants, a luxurious spa and a state-of-the-art screening room.

Project requirements

The beautifully designed suites have sumptuous finishes and furnishings. Every detail of the Residences’ interiors should offer clients the best experience whilst looking sleek, so Ritz-Carlton are exacting when specifying every detail of their room designs.
Bespoke room control panels were essential to blend with the unique black leather and up-lit glass wall installations behind each bed. The clients specified thin, toughened glass, with inset power socket modules and high-resolution printed touch screen icons.
The custom-designed black glass panels which VIVID produced, complemented with matching switches throughout the suites, delivered a clean and modern look and the Matrix engineering ensured that lighting scenes and room temperature could be changed at the touch of a button.
Designed and manufactured in the UK, the products were successfully delivered and installed in Kazakhstan, thanks to VIVID’s simple engineering approach.

“The VIVID design aesthetic is exactly in tune with ours - simple to use and beautiful to look at. The control panels enable the clients to easily create the ambience that they want, and the high-quality finish will last for years.”
Gorkem Celikbelek
Project Integrator

The Vivid solution

Matrix room control to create blended lighting scenes and environment control.
Bespoke panels – toughened black glass back-lit icon control bedside panels of custom dimensions with inset power sockets, and matching switch face plates.

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