Anti-bacterial solutions

Anti-bacterial solutions
for hospitality

With the increased focus on guest room cleanliness, we have developed two products to support our clients meet guest expectations. Our products make it quicker and easier to clean guest rooms every day and help hotels strengthen their promise to guests about safe stays.

switch panel coating


High touch areas in the guest room represent a challenge for your cleaning teams and our switch panels are a case in point.
So, we offer the option of a long-lasting anti-bac coating on our plastic control panels and buttons (metal panel coating is under development).
The coating was introduced in 2016 and has proven to be 99.99% effective against common bacteria like E.coli, MRSA and salmonella – we can provide more information about this on request.
The coating will make it easier to maintain high standards of cleanliness on high-touch areas of the guestroom which are hard to deep clean on a daily basis. It is not affected by general cleaning products and also protects the panels from scuffs and marks.

Every project will be different, so contact us to discuss your requirements. 

UV Deep Cleaning System

Simple. Safe. Clean.

Simple. Safe. Clean.

Clean guestrooms quickly with UVC light

Reassure your guests that they are safe by enhancing your cleaning processes with our UV deep cleaning lamp using the same ultraviolet cleaning process trusted by hospitals for many decades. The ultraviolet light rays sanitise all exposed room surfaces and frequent touch points safely and quickly, removing bacteria and viruses.
The average-sized guest room can be sanitised in under 15 minutes.

UV light kills

Many research trials have already proved that ultraviolet light kills viruses, including coronaviruses and the SARS derivative, including COVID-19.

Willington Lodge

“The UV Deep Clean System is a superb product. It gives us the confidence that the rooms are clean before our guests arrive and it’s a fantastic marketing tool.”
Richard Morris, Owner
Willington Lodge
If you are interested in becoming a UV Deep Cleaning System reseller, please contact us.

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