Guest room control redefined


What is room control?

When guests enter a room and the lights gently come up to welcome them with a soft glow.
When a guest reaches over to the side of the bed and switches off all of the lights by turning one dial before they go to sleep.
When a guest can open their room blinds in the morning without getting out of bed.
When guests leave their room and all of the power switches off automatically, saving money and energy.

Our vision

    Our room control products were born from our Chief Designer’s belief that:

    Hotel guests should be able turn off all of their room lights or adjust the air conditioning from the side of the bed – that everything in a hotel room should be instinctive to use and beautiful to look at.

    Guests should be able to instinctively change the room lighting from task to relaxation by turning just one dial.

    Room control products should also offer significant energy savings. As well as welcoming guests to a room with a soft, warm glow, they switch off all of the lights, air conditioning and power if desired in the room when the guest closes the door.


    intelligent room control

    Matrix offers a customised lighting and environment control which truly enhances the guest experience. The panels not only control lighting and air conditioning but can also manage blinds, windows, underfloor heating and more, at the touch of a button.
    Working with clients, building contractors and their interior and lighting consultants we can create a guest room management system plan to suit your room layout, for new build or refurbishment projects.
    We believe that smart engineering enables simple installation whilst controlling project costs, so Matrix has a modular design enabling you to only deploy exactly the equipment you need,

    And – as with all of our solutions - Matrix can be installed by any electrician, creating budget savings on system integration costs.

    Customised panels with Matrix

    Matrix switch panels can be customised to fit your room design with a range of materials and styles and a choice of buttons or rotary dials to select lighting scenes, air conditioning levels and control window blinds.

    hub by Premier Inn

    We are the exclusive UK supplier of room control panels to Whitbread’s hub by Premier Inn hotels. The bespoke designed Matrix panels are central to their innovative and technically smart room design which has revolutionised the budget hotel concept

    “VIVID were the best choice for Vintry & Mercer because they could supply highly bespoke panels at a competitive price, backed by a simple engineering approach that the guests would find easy to use and the client could easily maintain. They delivered a superb quality finish on time and budget with a focus on client satisfaction.”
    Lindsey Bean-Pearce, Head of Interior Design
    Dexter Moren Associates
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