Energy Saving

Room control that reduces carbon footprint and energy costs

If you could guarantee a significant reduction in your guest room energy costs by fitting a no mess, no cabling product to each guest room in just 30 minutes, you would, wouldn’t you?
With energy consumption accounting for 60% of hotel’s CO2 emissions* a simple tool which cuts guest room energy use without impacting guest experience will also ensure that your hotel has a great sustainability story.
*source: University of Brighton research 2019

Wireless All|OFF

Wireless All|OFF is the first ever wireless, energy saving lighting and environmental control system for hospitality.
Just three simple elements - a wireless fire-rated door sensor, motion sensor and controller - turn off all of the room lighting, heating, water and power as the guest leaves the room.
It’s the latest product from our in-house design team and replaces our original and very popular wired ALL|OFF, which has been fitted in over 3000 hotel rooms because it can be retrofitted in just 30 minutes by a regular electrician, with no mess or cabling.

Energy and cost savings

To demonstrate how the cost savings might work, let’s consider a hotel with 100 guest rooms.

We assume:
Average energy consumption for a hotel room is 1KW per hour.
Rooms are occupied 16 hours per day by guests.
So, usage is 16KW per room, or 1600KW for all rooms.
Energy costs @ £0.13 per KW.
At 70% occupancy, your energy costs are £53,144 per year.

If you install Wireless ALL|OFF and choose to switch off the air conditioning and most of the power sockets, even allowing for cleaning time your, energy saving will be 6.3KW per room per day, or 630KW for all rooms.

At 70% occupancy, your reduced energy costs are £32,219 per year.
Saving you
£20,925 per year.
Wireless ALL|OFF will save you 39% in energy costs and clients report payback on the installation cost within six months.

Hilton Garden Inn at Heathrow

Hilton came to us looking for a solution to reduce their guest room energy consumption and we were happy to recommend All|OFF.

Reduce water damage risks

Wireless ALL|OFF could also save you money by reducing the risk of water damage created by guests forgetting to switch off taps when leaving the room, by also simply turning off water valves in guest rooms when they are unoccupied.
Insurance statistics reveal that the most likely cause of claims across the hotel industry is water damage, with insurers confirming this is the costliest and most common claim made by hoteliers*.
*Source: Connecting Industry/Industrial Compliance published May 2019.
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