Energy Saving

VIVID’s systems save energy, by turning electricity off in unoccupied rooms. 

Each of our MATRIX and COSMOS room control systems have this capability built in, and for an even more cost-effective solution, our ALL|OFF switch is the perfect fit.

VIVID has a range of energy-saving products that help projects to acquire the requisite BREEAM ratings and qualify for Enhance Capital Allowances.

By robustly switching power off in unoccupied rooms, VIVID energy saving systems can reduce in-room electricity costs by more than 20%.  VIVID energy-saving is a feature of both our Guest Room Management Systems, MATRIX and COSMOS, and of our cost-effective key-card replacement switch ALL|OFF.

The Wireless ALL|OFF System

Guest uses (digital) key to access hotel room.

A door sensor activates ALL|OFF, and initiates a welcome scene.

ALL|OFF automatiaclly turns power off when the guest leaves the room, saving energy and cost.

Wireless ALL|OFF uses a control unit installed in a room’s electrical distribution box. The control unit communicates wirelessly with a door sensor and PIR’s, which accurately detect occupancy. The sensors require no cabling.

Din-rail mounted Electrical Distribution box control unit

Wireless Door Sensor

Wireless PIR Sensor(s)

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