Lighting and Heating Control

VIVID has a range of class-leading room control solutions that can be tailored to perfectly meet operator’s budgets and design requirements.

VIVID is also at the cutting edge of voice control for hospitality, partnering with Amazon and their purpose-built Alexa for Hospitality service.  All VIVID’s room control solutions can be controlled by voice, as well as with traditional switches.

Exceptional Engineering

The VIVID team has been working with LED lighting control for more than 20 years, and has unrivalled expertise in both trailing and leading-edge dimming.

Flawless Interfacing

VIVID's software development capabilites span many programming languages, platforms and frameworks, allowing a very wide development flexibility.

Unique Added Features

VIVID’s products include added features and functionality. For example, our Room Numbers allow Housekeeping teams to check whether a room is occupied, and our MATRIX System can control 5A lighting circuits, so that there is full room control. VIVID’s unique scene-blended lighting, with intuitive rotary switch control is also truly ground-breaking.


Bespoke Room Control System

Our MATRIX System is completely modular, and features superb lighting and A/C control, together with bespoke switch-panels that can be perfectly tailored to individual project’s requirements.

MATRIX is a sophisticated room control solution, that can control multiple in-room facilities, including all lighting, HVAC, blinds, underfloor heating, window automation and more.  It’s modular architecture means that clients only need to buy the modules required for their particular project’s needs; so MATRIX tends to be more cost-effective than alternative solutions.

The system’s modular switches also mean that bespoke switch-panels can be perfectly tailored to individual design requirements, without the costs normally associated with such custom-built solutions.


Room Control Made Easy

Our COSMOS solution uses LCD switch panels, and features lighting control drivers that all fit into a standard-size 2-gang back-box.  This makes it perfect for retrofit projects, as COSMOS can be installed with little to no new cabling.

Each COSMOS panel can provide sophisticated dimming for up to three lighting circuits, as well as offering additional features such as control of HVAC, a wellness wake-up alarm and of course Alexa voice-control.

“Some of the best dimming we have ever seen”

Lighting Designer at Nobu Shoreditch

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