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VIVID is a young, privately held UK business, formed in 2013 to create technological solutions for the hospitality sector.


With products created specifically for hotels, care homes, the private rental sector, cruise ships and apartments, VIVID is perfectly placed to support these growing markets.


VIVID’s range of solutions includes lighting and heating control combined with bespoke switch panels, as well as energy saving devices, room numbers, wayfinding signage and advanced voice control.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also developed an ultraviolet deep cleaning solution, built just for the hospitality sector’s specific requirements.  It’s simple, safe and clean.


Our products are modular in architecture, and whilst the individual elements are simple and robust, they can be combined to create sophisticated solutions, cost-effectively.


VIVID has grown steadily since launch, based on having good products at good prices.  We have worked with multiple independent hoteliers, as well as with Hilton and Marriott branded developments, and in the Summer of 2018 we signed a long term supply agreement with Whitbread, the UK’s largest operator.

Lighting & Heating

Tailored Switches

Room Numbers

Wayfinding Signage

Energy Saving

Voice Control

The Way We Work

VIVID is an objective-driven business.
We respond to your requirements and requests, and direct our energy towards delivering
for you. We believe that communication is key to us achieving your objectives efficiently and productively.


VIVID Hospitality Solutions works with multiple associate-suppliers to create and deliver our products. The people in our management and engineering teams are not fixed to one office environment and work with our partners adapt to the particular requirements of your projects.


Working from home where possible is the modern way to undertake business. It allows VIVID to:

i) Reduce our environmental footprint.
ii) Quickly flex our capabilities to meet your needs.
iii) Offer our staff a better work/life balance, allowing them to work harder for you.


VIVID uses video technology extensively, complimented by face-to-face meetings at client hotels where required and regular staff get-togethers.

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