Tailored Switches

VIVID’s modular switch system allows bespoke panels to be created at cost-effective prices.  Typical switch panels use printed circuit boards (PCBs) that have a fixed architecture.  VIVID’s switches don’t rely on a fixed PCB architecture, and can therefore be placed individually within a switch-panel substrate.

That means that switch-panels can be of whatever size (and shape) is required, and switches can be arranged on the panel in whatever configurations are required, from both a design and functionality perspective.

VIVID offers three different button types:

Capacitive touch

Push button

Rotary dimmer

Which can be specified in conjunction with three different panel substrate types:




Subject to substrate type, panels can be decorated in a variety of different colours, finishes and textures, so that by combining different switch types with bespoke panels, truly tailored switch solutions can be created.

“★★★★★ The hotel room was really well designed – compact, neat and smart. Temperature control for the room, mood lighting etc – lots of nice touches.”

Trip Advisor Guest

The Delmere

For use by (interior) designers, VIVID has an interactive swatch-book that can be used to envisage different selectable colour and finish types.

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