UV Deep Cleaning for Hotels

Sanitise your offices with UV light

Check your guests in with confidence, using the same ultraviolet cleaning process trusted by hospitals for many decades, guaranteeing deep cleaned rooms.

Simple. Safe. Clean.

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How does UV light deep clean and is it scientifically proven?

Reassure your guests and clients that you have enhanced your cleaning protocols, with ultraviolet light deep cleaning.


Ultraviolet light in the C wavelength spectrum (UVC) sanitises all exposed room surfaces and frequent touch-points.  The technology has been used by medical practitioners for more than 50 years and  deactivates viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses, safely and quickly.


UVC deactivates coronaviruses through direct absorption of the UVC photon by the nucleic acid basis or capsid proteins, leading to the generation of photoproducts that inactivate the virus.  The medical and scientific communities agree that UVC will deactivate SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19*.

(* 1. Departments of Infection Prevention and Medical Physics, The Netherlands 2.Mario Clerici – University of Milano).

Deep clean guest rooms before check-in

Timed – once in place, set the timer on the door barrier

No chemicals

UV Deep Clean reassurance for your staff and visitors

Reassure any visitors to your space that it is safe and deep cleaned regularly by displaying our  UV Deep Clean Assurance digital badge on your website and in your marketing materials.

“The UV Deep Clean System is a superb product. It gives us the confidence that the rooms are clean before our guests arrive and it’s a fantastic marketing tool.”

Richard Morris, Owner

Willington Lodge

Simple to use

Our mobile UV lamp is simple for your cleaning team to use after every check-out and standard room clean, to ensure a highly enhanced level of cleanliness. It takes just 20 minutes to clean a 6×6 square metre room.

Easy to move:

The lamp is wheeled into the guest room and plugged in.

Fast Cleaning:

Two lamps can be used simultaneously to clean both the guest room and bathroom.

Easy to fit:

The easy to fit safety door barrier is put in place.

Clean Room:

Staff can safely re-enter the room as soon as the time ends.

Assurance Sticker:

The room can be sealed with our UV Deep Clean Assurance stickers.

A Safe Solution For Your Team

Whilst it has amazing cleaning abilities, UVC light is powerful and can harm human cells, so the UV Deep Clean System comes with safety built in.

Our door safety barrier keypad enables the system to be operated remotely and is designed to show clearly when cleaning is in progress. The system automatically turns off if the door is opened whilst cleaning is in progress.

The UV Deep Clean System Package

1 x UV Deep Clean lamp

1 x door safety barrier

Free Delivery (within the UK)

2-year warranty

UV Deep Clean Assurance digital badge to display on your website

1000 x UV Deep Clean Assurance stickers

UK-based Web chat support

Order the UV Deep Clean System

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    Time required to sanitise the room

    The time required to sanitise a room depends on the furthest distance of the surface to be cleaned from the UV lamp.  To reduce that distance and therefore cleaning duration, whilst also reducing shadow areas (i.e. areas that the lamp’s rays can’t reach), it will often make sense to sanitise a room-space using two cleaning cycles, moving the lamp between each cycle.


    As an example, you will see from the adjacent chart that sanitisation at 2 metres distance takes 3 times as long as at 1 metre distance, despite being only twice the distance.


    The values in the adjacent table are based upon UV light falling on surfaces at an average angle of 45 degrees, and viruses having a required D90 dose (exposure) of 300 J/m2.  The Instituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (Italy) and Departments of Infection Prevention and Medical Physics (the Netherlands) studies estimate the maximum D90 value for SARS-C0V-2 to be 30J/m2.


    This means that the dosage durations in the adjacent chart are conservative by a factor of ten-times, and that D90 values are likely to be achieved much earlier and/or that doses will comfortably exceed a D90 dose.  VIVID recommends these exaggerated sanitisation durations because SARS-CoV-2 is still such an un-researched virus, and in the interests of guaranteed efficacy.

    To find out more contact our sales team on:

    t: 0203 892 4660 or e: sales@VividHospitalitySolutions.com