Voice and App Control

VIVID’s COSMOS and MATRIX SYSTEMS can both be controlled using remote control interfaces, such as voice or apps.

“The Amazon Echo represents a new paradigm of interactive artificial intelligence; connecting users to their homes with a variety of options from interior lighting operations to full control of TV and sound systems––all of which are commanded by voice-activation.” Steve Jacobs

By the end of 2019, there will be an installed base of more than 200 million smart-speakers sold globally, and in little under 4 years.  Voice control hardware is the fastest growing consumer technology of all time and it is a hotel guest behaviour that cannot be ignored.

Amazon are partnering with technology providers as they launch Alexa for Hospitality in Europe.  VIVID has been working with Amazon to develop Alexa for Hospitality in the UK, and is in a leading position both commercially and technologically.

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