Wireless ALL|OFF

Automatic energy-saving switch.

The award winning Wireless ALL|OFF always turns power off in unoccupied rooms.

Saves Energy

Enhances Guest Experience

Quick & Easy Retrofit

ALL|OFF Controller

Installed inside the fuse box using existing wiring. Its two outputs can be used to control lights and AC.

Wireless Motion Sensors

Discretely senses occupancy and brings the room to life.  Motion sensors have a 10 year battery life resulting in extremely low maintenance.

Wireless Door Sensor

The sensor triggers a welcome scene upon entry. Approved for fire door installation.

Saves Energy

  • Wireless ALL|OFF always turns power off in unoccupied rooms
  • Average energy cost savings of 38%*
    (*American Council For An Energy Efficient Economy)
  • Supports environmental messaging

Enhances Guest Experience

  • Provides guest-welcome lighting
  • No decorative impact
  • Supports environmentally friendly guests

Quick & Easy (retro) Installation

  • Wireless peripherals mean no room-cabling
  • 30 minute install time
  • Suitable for new-build and retro-fit projects

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