Five Benefits of PropTech for Hospitality

April 22, 2021

PropTech is the buzz word in commercial real estate right now and our five benefits of PropTech for hospitality blog explains simply what it is and how hoteliers can best utilise it to improve their all-round service proposition and business results.

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1. Using PropTech to create deliver better customer service

Innovations like make up room lights outside the room and check out systems are examples of PropTech that let housekeeping staff know exactly when they can enter the guest room to clean or turn down without disturbing guests, or to ensure a smooth room turnover, offering seamless customer service. Don’t forget to check out the UK PropTech Association website for recommended suppliers.

2. Cost savings

Utility costs continue to climb, and hoteliers will be happy to hear that reducing energy and water costs is straightforward with new and innovative door and movement sensor systems which can easily be retrofitted in guest rooms. Whilst some PropTech will take time to pay back, these systems are relatively inexpensive and usually pay for themselves in around six months.

3. Improving the guest room experience

Everyone appreciates good lighting. Simple room control systems, like our Matrix product, allow guests to set the room temperature and lighting exactly to their liking, greatly improving their enjoyment of the space, whether its low lighting to read, or bright light for working at the desk. These systems are easy to install at build and refurbishment stage.

4. Guests appreciate good security

Room security has moved on significantly from the traditional door key. The room card can be programmed in a moment and it doesn’t matter if they take it away with them. So, now is the time to upgrade your system. Guests also value good security in their hotel in general, especially in city centres. Internet connected security cameras and surveillance systems have moved on significantly over the past few years, so make sure that your system is up to date.

5. PropTech can deliver sustainability for hospitality

Towel re-use is not enough for hoteliers to achieve net zero. A much bolder approach is needed and PropTech provides many options.  See lots of ideas in this useful article from oa protech .

Solar energy systems, whilst requiring significant investment, are making a huge different to the carbon footprint of hotels in sunny resorts but can deliver results practically anywhere. The installation of door and movement sensors, like our Wireless All|OFF, allow every hotel to switch off lights and power as guests leave the room, reducing energy usage by up to 39% – read more here.

If you would like to know more about Wireless ALL|OFF and how easily it can be installed in your hotel, please read more on our energy savings page and contact our sales team to get a quote today.


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